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JoKi der Tastenzauberer ...

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29.11.2014, 16:48 Nelly
Thanks for introducing anoethr interesting book and generating curiosity about the author and his other books.There is a wide variety in children's books in English.I'm glad an author of Indian origin is one of the contributors.As for childrens' literature for Telugu, we need to really start taking ourselves seriously. Dust the old literature and look carefully for those with lasting value. Get inspired to make lasting contributions. There is so much of the world to explore and so much we can express in our mothetongue. Let our explorations enrich our literature and let our literature enrich our experiences.
29.11.2014, 00:24 Pappu
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28.11.2014, 12:54 Luca
Ho ho, who woldua thunk it, right?
27.11.2014, 08:38 Bryan
daylight lengthens, YAY! the thing i HATE about spnirg...i have a full time job indoors (teaching) which is a good thing, except that list of mine must be simple and short!

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