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30.11.2014, 04:34 Tesoura
that overload to the iumnme system can cause fatigue, even with those who normally have no problems.Has daylight savings hit you? It is still midnight dark until nearly 8a.m. these days, at least on the side the bedrooms are. I have never been sure of the purpose of DLS. My mother who worked on a military base said it was so the officers could finish work early and get in more golf, bit of a cynic-my mother.I got us a cabin for from tomorrow afternoon until Monday morning in the mountains. We'll have my husband and I, four of our children, two spouses, three children. (one son and his family had made other plans)- oh, and three dogs. There's a pool, but I cannot imagine swimming in the mountains at the end of March, can you? I find it hard to imagine swimming in the mountain in the summer, although I did when I was a child, slowly turning blue until my mother dragged me out.I hope none of the adult children fall out with each other. You were smarter than I - you thought to request wireless. I didn't - and one of my children is getting an advanced degree online. Well, it's just for four days.The picture of your children in 2007 is wonderful. Amazing how much older your daughter looks.LindaC [url=]nwmdejc[/url] [link=]blmepkgq[/link]
29.11.2014, 17:49 John
Love that Mo image on your fabbie card hon..... and goouergs pinks to set her off!!And I'm SO glad that our world is sorted again now, thanks to you and your Dad.... I'll rest easier!HugsChristine xPS - our cherry tree is in full bloom despite the gray skies - so it must be spring. I don't expect the blossom to be there tonight tho - strong winds forecast!
29.11.2014, 01:32 Michael
Oh it's gorgeous Mina, those lveloy colours are just perfect for Spring, and of course, the Fabulous Mo image, brilliant...I agree with you about women being in charge Mina, apart from we have more would never wish to send our children into any battle would we....far to precious....Defo sit down and have a brew time..oh...if only.Enjoy your day [url=]gxosgxad[/url] [link=]vjlmtppo[/link]
28.11.2014, 16:55 Hibat
Je4lkimme4ist ne4ytte4e4 paljolti samtlaa, kuin minun yhdet sukat. Mummu on ne tehnyt joskus kun olin lapsi (mutten kuitenkaan kamalan pieni, koska ne mahtuu jalkaan edelleenkin). Hyve4t sukat on!
27.11.2014, 15:14 Brandon
ohje ^^ b7 04/10/10 at 23:39b7Selten so gelacht, danke. b7 05/10/10 at 11:47b7Unsagbar he4ssliches Logo?? Naja, zeebgugen, der grodfe Grafiker ist an mir gewiss nicht verloren gegangen ich versuch das dann einfach mit Inhalten zu kompensieren Vielen Dank jedenfalls ffcr die Weiterverbreitung der Aktion. b7 05/10/10 at 12:07b7Ja das passt doch Muss nicht jeder alles kf6nnen. b7 07/10/10 at 22:49b7Danke ffcr die Info, echt ne super Sache. Du darfst dazu etwas sagen, wenn du magst. Hallo, mein Name ist Steven. Ich verwechsel gerne Wf6rter, komme oft von Thema ab und das ist mein Blog.Nicht bekannt aus: Suchen Fan werden, ey!

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