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28.01.2017, 14:38 RobBIFFTATA
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29.11.2014, 08:52 Muammer
Sixa8hka to prwto, den yparxei pepistwrh na pathsw sto deytero.To Iron Man telika ta espage trela. Respect entatik gia olo to xrono den exw ksanadei pio gamw superhero-movie.To Speed Racer htan mia geloia tsixlofouska. Kairos na skasei.P.S. Exw neyra fainetai e?P.S.2 Ferw toulaxiston th diafora stis apopseis peri Narnia :P [url=]ofisnqykjwz[/url] [link=]tnqetgfy[/link]
28.11.2014, 18:04 Nino
Finally, from the early Bronze Age of 1976, here is what may be my favorite Iron Man cover of all, drawn by Jack Kirby. Extra: A new cover drawn for one of the early 1970s renprit specials. So, what are your favorite Iron Man covers? your pal, Hoy
28.11.2014, 12:03 Dale
I have to admit I don't have too many favorite Iron Man coevrs. There just aren't many that are very iconic. Especially once Cap came on board, the split coevrs ended up being too busy to be really eye-catching, but even the solo coevrs just didn't sing. I've always had a soft spot for the Mr. Doll cover. It's such a great image, with that puppetmaster gloating over his Iron Man puppet as the hero crashes in looking entirely different. D'oh! Guess he didn't think of that! The only negative is that, well, Mr. Doll doesn't exactly have me shaking in my transistorized boots. Even once Iron Man got his own mag, the coevrs didn't hit me compared to many other comics. I did kind of like the cover to Iron Man Sub-Mariner, if only because it was a Once in a Lifetime issue, and you don't often get those. I also kind of liked seeing the man behind the mask, as in the Demon in a Bottle cover, which is definitely a favorite. So these others appealed to me, too. Plus, I could never pass up an I Quit story. But there just aren't too darned many, considering how many there are to choose from. Craig Shutt
27.11.2014, 20:51 Odiwollea
Kunci keberhasilan adaalh menanamkan kebiasaan sepanjang hidup Anda untuk melakukan hal - hal yang Anda takuti.tetap semangat tinggi untuk jalani hari ini ya gan ! ditunggu kunjungannya :D
27.11.2014, 05:42 Neli
Yah, belum tahu ya yang lebih curang? Jangan salah senakarg ini masih ada mahasiswa STAN D1 Makasar yang dilindungi oleh STAN karena dia sudah menikah. Kalau mau bilang STAN bersih, ambil tindakan dong. Dan Buat temen2 yang punya cita-cita sekolah diSTAN, tenang aja, selama sudah didalam pasti akan dilindungi. Mau curang pakai joki, pakai memalsukan Status pernikahan, itu mah gampang semua bisa diatur jika sudah didalam. OK, buat STAN peraturan dibuat untuk dilanggar.

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