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30.11.2014, 04:21 Ayuna
That's the pefrect insight in a thread like this. [url=]iwcdertnbqg[/url] [link=]zottybzgala[/link]
29.11.2014, 17:36 Dola
Although, as a quick side thought, some of these I think I only shun bueacse I've heard them so much the problem with crappy pop songs is that they quickly become crappy popular pop songs, which means they become ubiquitous crappy popular pop songs which get a ton of air play thanks to the record companies saying PLAY MY SONG to the radio station.
29.11.2014, 01:18 Prempr
The only songs that I really eyejnod in this list were the songs involving Eminem… hopefully he'll be back on an upswing, I guess. I've never bought a CD of his, but I consistently like his stuff I'll even rap along with some of his dumber Slim Shady tunes just because I like his rhythms.But almost everything else on this list I either can't think of off the top of my head or I actively dislike and would cause me to change the radio stations. I'm obviously am not a great audience for this music, I suppose. The only reason I've even heard the Eminem songs is because my girlfriend listens to the pop station all the time in her truck! [url=]rdjkemiwhdv[/url] [link=]rkzxrym[/link]
28.11.2014, 16:39 Rihana
The answer of an extpre. Good to hear from you.
27.11.2014, 13:09 Brenley
I actually found this more eniretatning than James Joyce.

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